I had the wonderful experience today of having a client get up in front of a room of twenty-odd people and tell a story about just how happy he was with the respresentation I had given him.  His story included a metaphor in which I and my opposing counsel were two prize fighters and, to put it nicely, I was less than gentle with my opponent.

While having a client sing my praises was fantastic unto itself, I really appreciated that in this case the positive outcome was not the result of finding some obscure point of law, but instead had come from really understanding my client’s position and formulating a negotiating strategy based upon his wants and needs, and then executing that strategy in a way that he saw (rightfully) as a homerun.

Any attorney can read and interpret a statute and add roadblocks to a deal, but the desire to go beyond that to really help my clients as a business advisor who helps them get deals done was a large part of why I started this venture, and to see it play out in such a positive manner for my client was one of my must fulfilling moments, professionally, as I have had to date.